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LMC Full Form

The full form of LMC is Lamacarena.

LMC Full Form in Hindi

While there are several full forms for LMC, the most common one is Lamacarena, which people search for the most. In this post, we’ll also share other full forms of LMC, so make sure to read the entire post.

Also, take a look at the list below to find all the other full forms of LMC.

  • Ludhiana Municipal Corporation (Departments & Agencies)
  • Large Magellanic Cloud (Astronomy & Space Science)
  • Latur Municipal Corporation (Firms & Organizations)
  • Let Me See (Chat & Messaging)
  • Lockheed Martin Corporation (Companies & Corporations)
  • Left Main Coronary Artery (Anatomy & Physiology)
  • Lifetime Movie Club (Domain Names (TLD))
  • Least Material Condition (Military)
  • Lonavla Municipal Corporation (Firms & Organizations)
  • Lancang Mekong Cooperation (International Orgaizations)
  • Lean Manufacturing Consulting (Companies & Corporations)
  • Little Man Computer (Companies & Corporations)
  • Local Management Committee (Departments & Agencies)
  • Logan Manufacturing Company (Companies & Corporations)
  • Lan Media Corporation (Companies & Corporations)
  • Lancaster Mennonite Conference (Religion & Spirituality)
  • Liberia Mining Company (Companies & Corporations)
  • Labor Management Cooperation (Business Terms)
  • Lost My Connection (Chat & Messaging)
  • Libjo Mining Corporation (Companies & Corporations)
  • League Management Company (Business Terms)
  • Lake Michigan Catholic (Universities & Institutions)
  • Langevin Monte Carlo (Chemistry)
  • Local Mate Competition (Conferences & Events)
  • Literature, Media, And Communication (Courses)
  • London Musicians Collective (Non-Profit Organizations)
  • Linear Model Of Coregionalization (Biology)
  • Leyland Motor Corporation (Companies & Corporations)
  • Lumbermans Merchandising Corporation (Companies & Corporations)
  • Lok Ma Chau, Hong Kong (Country Specific)
  • Local Medical Committee (Medical Organizations)
  • Leeds Model Company (Companies & Corporations)
  • Life Marker Chip (Pets & Domesticated)
  • Logan Machine Company (Business Terms)
  • Living Male Child (Chat & Messaging)
  • Lipid Matrix Carrier (Biochemistry)
  • Lightweight Mpess Carrier (Military)
  • Local Management Centres (Departments & Agencies)
  • Lumonics Marking Corp (Companies & Corporations)
  • Lucknow Municipal Commission (Departments & Agencies)
  • Louisville Municipal College (Universities & Institutions)
  • LAKHAMANCHI (Indian Railway Station)
  • Lake Michigan College (Educational Institute)
  • Late Middle Chinese (Language & Linguistics)
  • Lees Mcrae College (Universities & Institutions)
  • Loop Maintenance Center (Telecommunication)
  • La Milpa Center (Companies & Corporations)
  • Lonavla Municipal Council (Departments & Agencies)
  • Los Medanos College (Educational Institute)
  • Lonavla Municipal CouncilS (Departments & Agencies)
  • Load Multiple Control (Academic Degrees)
  • Low Motion Class (Courses)
  • Lighting Management Consultant (Job Title)
  • Livestock And Meat Commission For Northern Ireland (Regional Organizations)
  • Left Main Canal (Anatomy & Physiology)


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