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IMT Full Form

The full form of IMT is Institute Of Management Technology.

IMT Full Form in Hindi

While there are several full forms for IMT, the most common one is Institute Of Management Technology, which people search for the most. In this post, we’ll also share other full forms of IMT, so make sure to read the entire post.

Also, take a look at the list below to find all the other full forms of IMT.

  • Immediate (Language & Linguistics)
  • Indomethacin (Medicines & Drugs)
  • Incident Management Teams (Companies & Corporations)
  • Inspiratory Muscle Training (Treatments & Procedures)
  • Institute Of Microbial Technology (Universities & Institutions)
  • International Military Tribunal (Law & Legal)
  • Intelligent Manual Transmission (Automotive)
  • Industrial Model Township (Buildings & Landmarks)
  • Intima Media Thickness (Anatomy & Physiology)
  • Independent Media Trust (Regional Organizations)
  • In Melbourne Tonight (News)
  • Implantable Miniature Telescope (Instruments & Devices)
  • Institut Mines Telecom (Companies & Corporations)
  • Industry Of Machinery And Tractors (Stock Market)
  • Intermediate Metal Conduit (Electrical)
  • Information Management Tool (Military)
  • Institute For Micronutrient Technology (Professional Associations)
  • Innovative Manufacturing Technology (Companies & Corporations)
  • Immersed Tube Tunnel (Land Transport)
  • International Marxist Tendency (Regional Organizations)
  • India Myanmar Thailand (Countries)
  • International Medical Teams (Medical Organizations)
  • Immune Modulation Therapy (Treatments & Procedures)
  • Information Manipulation Theory (Psychology)
  • Inverness Medical Technology (Companies & Corporations)
  • Institute Of Microstructure Technology (Research & Development)
  • Institute For Market Transformation (Universities & Institutions)
  • Information Management Training (Military)
  • Innovative Materials Technologies (Companies & Corporations)
  • Institute Of Musical Traditions (Regional Organizations)
  • Interdisciplinary, Multidisciplinary And Transdisciplinary (Research & Development)
  • Industry Market Trends (Business Terms)
  • International Monitoring Team (United Nations)
  • International Mobile Telecommunications (Companies & Corporations)
  • Initial Military Training (Military)
  • Innovative Micro Technology (Companies & Corporations)
  • Improvisational Music Therapy (Healthcare)
  • Ford Airport, Iron Mountain Kingsford, Michigan, United States (Air Transport)
  • Institute For Microelectronics Technology (Research & Development)
  • Individual Marksmanship Training (Sports & Recreation Organizations)
  • Intensity Measure Type (Healthcare)


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