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APS Full Form

The full form of APS is American Physical Society.

APS Full Form in Hindi

While there are several full forms for APS, the most common one is American Physical Society, which people search for the most. In this post, we’ll also share other full forms of APS, so make sure to read the entire post.

Also, take a look at the list below to find all the other full forms of APS.

TermFull FormCategory
APSAerial Port SquadronMilitary and Defence
APSArmy Pre-positioned StocksMilitary and Defence
APSArizona Public ServiceCompanies & Corporations
APSAustralian Psychological SocietyPsychiatry & Mental Health
APSAnnual Policy StatementBanking
APSAsynchronous Protocol SpecificationComputer and Networking
APSAffordable Portable ServicesTelecommunication
APSAutomatic Protection SwitchingTelecommunication
APSApplication Provider ServicesNetworking
APSAol Password StealerNetworking
APSAsynchronous Port SwitchNetworking
APSAgenda Productivity SuiteSoftwares
APSAnti-pressure SurgeChemistry
APSAdvanced Power StabilityElectronics
APSAnalog Protection SystemElectronics
APSAuxiliary Power SystemElectronics
APSInstitute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Antennas and Propagation SocietyElectronics
APSAuto Power SpectrumElectronics
APSAdjustment Processing SystemAccounts and Finance
APSAcceleration and Pre-separationSpace Science
APSAdvanced Positioning SensorSpace Science
APSAcquisition Processor SubsystemSpace Science
APSAutomated Payload SwitchSpace Science
APSAuxiliary Power SupplySpace Science
APSAlternate Payload SpecialistSpace Science
APSActing Police SergeantJob Title
APSAgricultural Production SpecialistJob Title
APSAnapolisAirport Code
APSActive Pixel SensorComputer Hardware
APSActive Phase SwitchingComputer Hardware
APSAdvanced Propagation SystemPhysics Related
APSAdvanced Photon SourcePhysics Related
APSApartment Protected SpaceReal Estate
APSAnalytical Planning and SchedulingBusiness Management
APSAir Precision ShootingSports
APSArmor Protection SystemMilitary and Defence
APSArmy Planning SystemMilitary and Defence
APSAdvanced Planning SystemMilitary and Defence
APSAdvanced Power SystemMilitary and Defence
APSAsars (advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar System) Processing SegmentMilitary and Defence
APSAutomatic Provisioning SystemMilitary and Defence
APSAustralian Public ServicePolicies & Programs


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